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When we first started, we naively thought we were all alone. To our great joy we found other people dedicated to the same cause. Visit them. Check out inspiring stories of success. Cheer them up!


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Mid-East View Points - PEACE sister web site, run by friend Ami Isseroff

PeaceWatch - produced by the PEACE group and authored by yours truly and guest authors. PeaceWatch is bravely trying to continue in the tradition established by Eric Lee's BibiWatch.

Ariga Home Page - A central non-affiliated Israeli Peace Site. From this site you can get to almost any site that has something to say about peace, including Peres Center, Shalom Achshav, Meretz etc., and Palestinian sites such as Bir Zeit University. Visit the Settler for Peace column, and of course PeaceWatch - if you have not subscribed!

Foundation for Middle East Peace - Home of Settlement Watch reports. A good solid source of news and research.

IPCRI - Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information. This site, and this organization are a must for anyone who wants objective and reasoned assessments of the conflict, dynamics, news etc.

Arab Electronic Journal - Balanced site run by a man whose heart is in the right place.

Israel/Palestine dialog group in the USA - This is the home page of Len and Libby Traubman, who together with Arab-Americans, have organized a living room dialog group on the U.S. West Coast. If we could do that here, it would be much simpler! Len and Libby are most helpful friends and participants in PEACE, and their site always has something new and interesting to say.

Jewish/Palestine dialog group in Switzerland - This is the home page of the Basle Palestinian-Jewish Dialog Group. They have prepared and posted a joint declaration about the principles of an Israel-Palestinian peace accord which you will certainly want to examine - and perhaps endorse.

Gush Shalom Jerusalem Petition - A petition by Gush Shalom to make Jerusalem the united capital of two states.

Herzog Center - Texts of Oslo Agreements - The Chaim Herzog center has on display all the texts of the Oslo agreements. Don't believe what I or anyone else has to say about them - see for yourself.

Shimon Peres Peace Center - No Mid-East peace site would be complete without a reference to this organization.

Home page of Ray Hanania - Ray is an able spokesman for peace and for the Palestinian cause. He is former National President of the Palestinian American Congress, former Spokesman for the Arab American Congress for Palestine (1977-1982), former editor, the Middle Eastern Voice Newspaper, member of AAI, ADC and AAUG, and also an author and writer.

Reut Sadaka - Israeli organization devoted to promoting dialog between Arabs and Israelis.

Home page of Prof. Ada Aharoni - Information about peace congresses and other projects related to Israel-Palestinian peace. This page has peace poems, letters to Anwar Sadat and much more.


Peace and Tolerance Directory - A very sightly site and another source of links, by a friend of peace and member of PEACE, Doron Tal.

The Jewish-Palestinian Encounter - If you like forums, this is one of the most hopeful. It was started by a Palestinian and a Jew in the U.S. with the aim of fostering peace and dialog. Frankly, I am not sure if that is what is happening at that forum - but if each of us visit there and add a bit of sanity and good will, maybe something worthwhile will come of it.





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