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A Palestinian-Israeli Peace Settlement

Peace must become the first national priority for both Israelis and Palestinians. We call on Palestinian and Israeli leaders to negotiate a peace settlement with the utmost urgency, based on these principles:

i. The parties shall recognize each other as equals and declare that the same principles apply to both sides.

ii. Both sides shall reaffirm their commitment to a non-violent negotiated solution. They  shall condemn violence and refrain from violence to persons and property, threats of violence, incitement and unilateral provocations.

iii. The parties each recognize the right of the other to self-determination in sovereign national states.

iv. The Palestinian state will include all of Gaza, and nearly all of the of the West Bank. Inhabitants of areas ceded to the other side may remain under the sovereignty and laws of the state having jurisdiction, each taking the citizenship of their choice or dual citizenship.

v. Individuals or states will be compensated for properties expropriated, lost or destroyed.

vi. The Palestinian refugee problem shall be solved by compensation, dissolution of the camps and re-settlement and rehabilitation of refugees in the State of Palestine or elsewhere as they choose, provided this does not infringe upon the right to national self-determination of the Jews in Israel.

vii. The settlement in Jerusalem shall express the national rights of both peoples, the rights of all religions and the civil and humanitarian rights of the inhabitants.

viii. The peace agreement shall take into account the security needs of both parties.

ix. The parties shall demonstrate a sincere commitment to rapprochement, non-violence, and constructive action. They shall promote peace by example, by acts of public apology, by education, cooperation  and dialog at all levels, They shall cooperate to make the best use of common environmental resources, and  to develop the economies and cultural life of our peoples to the best mutual advantage.

x. The parties shall recognize and declare that the settlement is irrevocable and final.

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