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1.gif (199 bytes)The PEACE group is dedicated to promoting peace in the Middle East through dialog and joint action of citizens of all countries in the region.

2.gif (224 bytes) PEACE is not affiliated with any government or political organization, and will not allow itself to be used to advance partisan causes.

3.gif (234 bytes) Peace is in the best interests of all peoples parties to the Mid-East conflict, and should be given priority in national agendas.

4.gif (234 bytes) Peace can only be achieved and maintained if the desire for peace is rooted in the hearts and minds of all inhabitants of our region. It must be based on equality, mutual respect, neighborly friendship and consideration for the needs of all parties to the conflict.

5.gif (232 bytes) Members of PEACE will adhere to the principles of intellectual honesty and respect for other members at all times in conducting dialogs.

6.gif (221 bytes) Members of PEACE work to promote contacts between individuals, and act as citizens to persuade their own leaders to advance the cause of peace.

7.gif (227 bytes) PEACE will consider any means of advancing peace suggested by members.

8.gif (236 bytes) Each member has the right to act on their own in any manner they see fit. No member shall act on behalf of PEACE or in the name of PEACE without consulting other members.

9.gif (84 bytes) Membership in PEACE is open to any person who subscribes to the above principles and who is willing to engage in constructive dialog and action to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East.



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