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Our declaration regarding a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israelis conflict has been finalized. Please take a moment of your time to check it out. We hope this declaration will serve as a common basis for dialogue and action. who gets which rock is besides the point. We need a statement that reassures both sides that peace does not mean bantustans for Palestinians or
destruction of Israel. PLEASE SIGN NOW.

Read this week's  Peace Watch.

View Points, PEACE sister web site, has a new feature: humor! Check it out and have a good laugh at : /CapitolHill/Senate/5455/humor.htm. Why humor? Trying to increase our hits rate. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE!

Our successful voting booth is up again. The poll on the last issue continues:   what is the best solution for the problematic issue of the city of Jerusalem?

Please take a moment of your time, and leave us a word at our Guestbook. Your insightful suggestions has already helped us maintain a responsible dialogue. Would you call us greedy if we ask for some more?

Did you ever wonder why you have never seen a web-ring for the Mid-Eastern dialogue groups? We did too! At the moment, we are compiling a list of all related sites, and contacting the hosts of these sites. If you are a member of a group that we don't know about, please drop us a line so you can join in.

Our Links page is updated. Please take a look on the others' achievements, and cheer them up!

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